When it comes to commercial electronics manufacturing, this stage of development needs to be executed correctly. Commercial product developers and end-users can benefit from emerging cutting edge and innovative manufacturing techniques and processes to increase efficiency, reliability, and cut costs. Commercial Electronic Manufacturing Circuits Central’s commercial manufacturing experience includes:
  • Lightning Detection Systems
  • Data Acquisition Products
  • Advanced Imaging Systems
  • Medical Lab Equipment
The Canadian manufacturing industry is getting more competitive as time goes on, and companies need to keep up with emerging automation and digital technology. These technologies are helping businesses improve throughput, enhance quality, and create excellent optimization. As machine learning, AI, and robotics continue to develop, these technologies are dramatically shifting the way people do business. Our team of experts offer solutions that will digitize your supply chain, as well as keep up with emerging trends. At Circuits Central, we will lead you through the manufacturing process, which will set you apart from the competition. Our Commercial Electronics Manufacturing Services are some of the most vital benefits to your product creation, and you’ll want to leave it in the hands of seasoned professionals.

Our Commercial Manufacturing Experience Includes:

Lightning Detection Systems

A lightning detection system detects lightning in three ways – through ground-based systems with multiple antennas, mobile systems with a direction and sense antenna in the same spot, and via space-based systems. Companies that use these lightning detection systems are meteorological services like the Meteorological Service of Canada and other organizations that require it, such as forest fire prevention and electrical utilities.

Data Acquisition Products

Data acquisition products use sampling signals to measure physical conditions in the world. They use the results and convert them into numerical values that can be analyzed and manipulated by a computer. For instance, data acquisition systems will take analog waveforms and transform them into digital values so they can be used for processing. Here are some necessary aspects of these products:
  • Sensors (for conversion into electrical signals)
  • Signal conditioning circuitry (for the conversion of sensor signals into digital values)
  • Analog-to-digital converters (for the conversion of conditioned sensor signals into numeric values)

Advanced Imaging Systems

As we know, medical imaging is necessary for practices in today’s world of medicine. These advanced images are used for perception tasks, ROI measurements, as well as segmentation. If imaging systems are of poor quality, whether it’s their image quality, image noise, or spatial resolution, it can cause issues for viewing data. Since Advanced Imaging Systems are such a critical component for the medical industry and others, it is essential to ensure that your company has the proper manufacturing systems in place.

Medical Lab Equipment

Medical lab equipment is also a vital technology used for diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and rehabilitation. As technology continues to evolve, there have been breakthroughs in medicine because of this equipment’s ability to allow for intricate procedures. The sciences and healthcare community continue to improve due to enhancements in medical lab equipment, such as clinical work, blood banking, chemistry, fluid body analysis, microbiology, and many more.
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