Entrepreneurial spirit of start-ups fuel innovation in nearly every industry. The right manufacturing partner with the expertise, global supply chain reach, and state-of-the-art facility is pivotal in converting concepts to finished products. Oftentimes the wrong partnership can lead to start-ups attempting to either manufacturing in-house or reach out to overseas suppliers too early or out of lack of options.

To a Startups, the right contract electronics manufacturer with the knowledge, flexibility and the ability to adapt and adjust to various factors is pivotal to success! Circuits Central is a partner who will be with you every step of your product development journey – from concept to prototype builds to reworks and modifications, to volume production and aftermarket support.

Here is what Partnering with Circuits Central will bring to the table:

Circuits Central will be your partner in transforming your innovative concept to a viable mass-produced product. We will work with you in identifying the best path in production to allow for effortless scale-up from prototype to mass production. 

Through close collaboration we identify the best and most economical production technologies at every stage of your growth. Our established processes and expertise will ensure the highest quality and reliability of your product. 

Our fully equipped and cutting-edge manufacturing facility will be at your disposal along with our engineering expertise and strong supply chain management. We will be with your at every stage of the product lifecycle with the flexibility to ensure scalable and evolving growth of your start-up business and our partnership.

A Selection of our capabilities geared towards start-ups include:

  • Board design & BOM review, analysis and optimization
  • First article inspections (FAI)
  • Engineering Change Order (ECO) process implementation
  • Design for manufacture (DFM) report includes:
    • Production issues and solutions
    • Reflow profile analysis including x-ray images of before and after reflow
    • Board and/or mechanical assembly issues and solutions
    • Test results and test optimization
  • Consigned and full turn-key material procurement
  • Inventory processing and management
  • Firmware upload and testing
  • Drop shipping to end users
Support For Startups
Manufacturing Support For Startups
Product Development Support For Startups
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