At Circuits Central, we are seasoned experts in electronics manufacturing and PCB assembly. Our clients gain access to a flexible-by-design and reliable production facility that delivers the confidence they expect for a range of production volumes and complexities.

By integrating our Electronics Manufacturing Solutions thought our clients’ product development, Circuits Central will handle all aspects of manufacturing – from Material Management, PCB Assembly, cable assembly, product testing and integration.

High-Quality PCB Assembly Services to Meet All Your Needs

Circuit Central’s Research & Development team is constantly reviewing and improving our operation and quality control techniques as a way to surpass customer demands.

New processes are developed to tackle PCB assembly challenges of cutting-edge electronics. We let our record speak for itself – we have guided our clients through the entire process, no matter how intricate their design is. That way, they will have the knowledge necessary to be competitive in a global market.

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA)

Our Production Services:

  • Material Management

    • Purchasing, receiving, and kitting
  • Printed Circuit Board Assembly

    • Automated Mixed SMT & PTH Assembly
    • Automated Screen Printing
    • Pb & Pb-Free assembly
    • Comprehensive ESD Program
    • No Clean & DI water-wash process
    • 0201, uBGA, CSP capability
    • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
    • X-Ray Inspection
    • Conformal coating
    • Depanelization System
  • Testing

  • Rework

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