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Hooman Javdan

Hooman attended University of Toronto for electrical engineering, and received his bachelor of commerce from Ryerson in Information Technology. For over 10 years, Hooman has been a leader in electronic manufacturing services helping clients from with various assemblies of PCBs and prototype designs.

The Benefits of Sustainable Electronics in PCB Manufacturing

December 30, 2022

How Sustainability Fits into the World of Electronics Although the concept of recycling has certainly been around for a long...

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Medical Equipment Manufacturing: 5 Challenges in PCB Assembly

December 28, 2022

PCBs (printed circuit boards) are a central component in all kinds of technological gadgets, and medical devices are no exception. PCBs...

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Designing Top-Quality PCBs: A Guide for Engineers

December 19, 2022

These days, pretty much every kind of electronic product that you can imagine, including portable electronics, computers, and entertainment...

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Everything You Need to Know About PCB Colours

December 14, 2022

There are a variety of colours that PCBs (printed circuit boards) can come in, and this colouration has a significance that goes beyond their...

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How to Manage Electronics Obsolescence

November 23, 2022

Design, manufacturing, testing, and installation are all the first steps in the life cycle of a printed circuit board (PCB). However, once these...

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4 Benefits of Working With a Professional PCB Assembly Service

November 9, 2022

The printed circuit board (PCB) market is constantly growing, and it is estimated that it will be worth more than

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3 Tips for Safe Battery Storage

October 19, 2022

Most applications are only able to run from one day to the next, performing a variety of functions, thanks to batteries. However, if your...

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What to Look for When Choosing High-Frequency PCB Materials

October 5, 2022

One of the most important things to consider while constructing a printed circuit board (PCB) is the type and quality of the materials you are...

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7 PCB Prototype Inspection Tips

September 19, 2022

Why are printed circuit boards (PCBs) important? First, we need to take a look at the importance of electronics in our daily life. Every day,...

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What Is Environmental Stress Screening and Why Is It Important?

September 14, 2022

Think of a time when you were shopping in the fresh produce section at your local grocery store. Before you decide which fruits and vegetables...

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