When original equipment manufacturers and designers of medical devices are planning to create products, they need to consider several factors. They must determine a unique set of qualifications from their manufacturing partner to deliver compliant, reliable, accurate, and cost-effective solutions to their end-user.

Our team at Circuits Central helps some of the largest medical device designers, innovators, and contractors out there. We ensure that they overcome any technical obstacles so that they can develop first-rate products with the goal of saving lives.

Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Our clients also receive the added benefits of our services like reduced costs, expedited time to market, and transparency in their product manufacturing life cycle. Plus, we know how vital the health is of our population and want to help you succeed at creating the ideal products for healthcare enhancement. Our expertise and professionalism ensure that all medical devices are manufactured with patient safety in mind. To help meet your expectations, we work closely with you to make sure that your procedures and products adhere to the required certifications and tests of the industry.

Reliable Medical Equipment Manufacturers

If you are looking for a medical equipment and device manufacturing service, get in touch with our team at Circuit Central today. We would be happy to answer any of your questions or comments. Give us a call at 1 (888) 821-7746, fill out our contact form, or send us an email at info@circuits-central.com.

PCB in Modern Medical Equipment Manufacturing

Circuit Central specializes in PCB manufacturing for medical equipment. Our PCB manufacturing process provides the base structure for leading and modern medical equipment that relies on electronics to support life-saving treatments and health equipment. Circuit Central guarantees reliable production of medical equipment and supplies with these manufacturing capabilities, complete with full-service pilot introduction capacity for new product launches.

Our turnkey PCB assembly process begins with verifying the design files, including the bill of materials and Gerber files, followed by PCB prototyping and production runs adhering to quality medical equipment and supplies standards. The result is expertly printed circuit boards central to life-saving medical equipment.

With Circuit Central, you are guaranteed medical equipment with stable, high-quality circuit boards built using expertly manufactured PCB. Our medical equipment manufacturing process adheres to these industry standards:

  • IPC Class 3 PCBs for prototypes and bulk production
  • R&D support for new product design according to evolving medical science
  • FDA-registered manufacturing facility and Quality System-compliant
  • ISO certification
  • Class 100,000 Clean Room, with capabilities up to class 10,000
  • Certified Class 100 Laminar Flow Hoods
  • Regular audits and inspections for compliance and production quality.

Circuits Central’s Medical Sector Experience Includes:

Medical Imaging Equipment

Medical imaging equipment produces visual representations of a body’s interior so that it can be analyzed in a clinical setting. Then, the images can be used for medical intervention, and for seeing how specific organs or tissues are functioning. In essence, medical imaging reveals structures that are hidden by skin and bones and serve to diagnose and treat diseases.

Chemical Analysis Equipment

Chemical analysis equipment identifies, characterizes, and quantifies chemical components in samples. Some typical use for chemical analysis equipment and instruments are used for bioanalysis, clinical chemistry, environmental and materials analysis, and more.

Healthcare Equipment

Healthcare equipment and supplies are items that physicians use to diagnose, monitor, and treat medical conditions. For example, MRI’s and CT scans are types of healthcare equipment that allow physicians to develop plans for diagnosis and treatment, without having to conduct exploratory surgery.

Communication and Monitoring Devices

Communication and monitoring devices are being developed at a rapid rate to meet the requirements for the medical industry. They use radios and sensing devices as health monitoring systems. Not only do these systems have to be functional, but they must be secure as well.

Laboratory Research Equipment

Laboratory research equipment needs to be of the best quality. These can include larger items like incubators, or smaller items like microscopes. No matter what type of laboratory research equipment is needed, the team at Circuits Central can help you develop lab equipment for medical purposes.

Medical equipment is becoming more and more relevant. Since the demand is so high, you’ll want to stay ahead of the curve and create products that keep up with the latest technologies. At Circuits Central, we can discuss your product development plan with you so that you can innovate as best as possible. To speak with a member of our knowledgeable team, call us today at 1 (888) 821-7746, fill out our contact form, or send us an email at info@circuits-central.com.

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