Circuits Central offers more than two decades of experience paired with our diverse pool of clients across multiple sectors in Toronto. This expertise allows us to leverage our knowledge and proven practices to deliver value to our clients.

Industrial Sector companies require more than just manufacturing solutions from their EMS Suppliers. Our team works in close partnership with clients to implement the most effective supply chain solution that satisfies rigorous quality standards, cost, and delivery requirements.

Industrial Electronics Manufacturers

Our background in Lean Manufacturing and ISO Standards of practice has been of great benefit to our diverse client and product pool. It has enabled us to deliver the highest quality service with the most efficient and reliable execution possible.

Leading Industrial Electronics Manufacturer in Toronto

Through our Research & Development activities, we continuously develop new techniques and innovative procedures and capabilities to meet challenging electronic manufacturing requirements. As a result, we help our clients reduce costs and accelerate time-to-market.

Circuits Central’s industrial Electronic manufacturing experience includes:

  • Electrical Grid Distribution, Protection & Monitoring Equipment
  • Industrial Control & Automation Equipment
  • RF Systems

As a leading Industrial Electronics Manufacturer in Toronto, we love working with our diverse client-base to deliver top-quality products and services that will continue to benefit them.

Our Industrial Electronics Manufacturing Experience Includes:

Electrical Grid Distribution, Protection & Monitoring Equipment

Electrical Grid Distribution, Protection & Monitoring Equipment protects electrical power systems from issues that result from faulted parts that disconnect from the electrical network. We implement a protection scheme as a way to stabilize the power system. To do so, we isolate faulty components and leave as much of the network as we can to operate. Protection schemes primarily apply a pragmatic way to clear a system’s faults and use protective devices to ensure a top-quality defence.

We know how to power Electrical Grid Distribution, Protection & Monitoring Equipment for our clients so that they can best utilize these practices.

Industrial Control & Automation Equipment

Industrial Control & Automation Equipment are devices that are mechanical, electromechanical, and solid-state. These pieces of equipment can control or monitor power utilization apparatuses. The purpose of this equipment is to provide solutions that cover manufacturing, building sectors, and transportation at all levels of complexity.

At Circuits Central Toronto, we are experts in Industrial Control & Automation Equipment. If you feel intimidated or confused by this process, leave it in our hands, and we will guide you through it.

RF Systems

RF Systems (also known as Radio-frequency engineering) is a type of electronic engineering that applies transmission lines, antenna, waveguide, and electromagnetic field aspects to a device’s design. These systems need to be included in all components, like items that receive a radio wave (example: radios, WiFi, and mobile phones).

With our extensive background, we know how to work with RF Systems for our clients who need them.

At Circuits Central, we have a wide variety of experience when it comes to Industrial Manufacturing. We know how to work complex systems like Electrical Grid Distribution, Protection & Monitoring Equipment, Industrial Control & Automation Equipment, and RF Systems. Our decades of experience have given us the tools to work with systems in a variety of industries, providing successful outcomes. Give us a call today at 1 (888) 821-7746, fill out our contact form, or send us an email at

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