5 Product Photography A/B Tests To Run

March 26, 2018

Product photography tests give you a sense of how your product will look to users. It’s great that you love your product and are ready to take it to market but that doesn’t mean people will feel the same way. With A/B photo testing. you can compare two photographic versions of your product to determine which is most effective for your marketing material.

The size comparison test

When users browse your product on your website, they want to know how big it is. Listing the dimensions is one thing, but customers want to see how big the product is.

The product photography test involves adding a reference object to the photo. You can either use a human element like a hand that’s holding the product or place the product next an object like a cup.

The authentic photo test

Consumers love authenticity so you’ll need to take a photo of your product without fancy filters and photoshop. Does your product look authentic even when it’s photographed without refinement?

The product details test

Product photography tests should pay close attention to detail. In this test, take a photo of your product that captures all its details. For example, if you are marketing a big screen TV, the images on the screen are important but they’re not what sells the product. You need to make sure that the TV’s details are what shine in these photographs.

The auxiliary products test

You wouldn’t simply take a photo of a television and hope it sells. You’d need to have the TV on a stand in a living room to show people how it would look in their living room.

The perception test

Do bigger photos equal higher conversion? This is what a product photography test should answer. Take photographs of your product from all angles and in different sizes.

Questions to consider:

  • Does the value of your product increase when it’s photographed from a certain angle?

  • Does your product look better when it’s smaller or larger on the computer screen?

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