Advanced Electronic Trends in 2019

June 17, 2019

The electronics world is in a state of perpetual flux, as new burgeoning trends strive to become the gold standard in an industry that strives for excellence. Those interested in the latest trends in electronics should look no further, as we will discuss some of the latest trends in electronics while also identifying trends to look for in the not-too-distant future. Development and testing are only the beginning, as some of the emerging technologies to look for in 2019 strive to take the industry by storm.

The Industry is Preparing for 5G

While it is true that 5G will officially launch next year, the industry is preparing for its launch. To do so, manufacturers have placed a greater emphasis on creating an even larger number of users per station, while also focusing more on quicker response times as well as an all-round increase in speed in order to optimize performance.

As such, products that have launched in 2019 and that launch in the near future will be updated in order to support 5G when it arrives in 2020. Furthermore, the automotive industry will also focus more on 5G technology, as the state of the art technology allows for automobiles to communicate with one another. Expect more automobile manufacturers to shift their priorities towards 5G dissemination and adoption so that smart cars will become the gold standard in due time.

Most Technology Will Be ‘Smart’

It seems that more and more electronics developers and manufacturers have made the transition towards smart technology, and electronics consumers can expect an increase in the development of smart technologies in 2019. Furthermore, while the medical industry has been experimenting with different smart gadgets and tech in order to provide health care providers and their patients with streamlined, reliable, and responsive devices, the adoption of smart technology in other, non-medical apparatuses has only been on the agenda for the last few years.

Today, some experts have begun discussing the adoption of smart technology into the clothing that consumers wear. Recent advances in smart technology mean it is now possible for clothing to implement smart technology that can measure a person’s pulse, muscle use, and ECG. The sensors manufactured today are so minute that they can be affixed to clothing and patches, but are still sophisticated enough to detect harmful UV radiation as well as the body temperature of patients who are ill.

In fact, 2019 will mark the advent of the smart sock, as these socks will use tactile pressure to measure running time, speed, and distance covered. Self-regulating clothes will also make their mark in 2019, as these seemingly sentient inner and outerwear will be able to regulate heat according to the outdoor temperature as well as the body temperature of the wearer.

IoT Will Undergo a Marked Metamorphosis

In 2019 virtually everything that will have the ability to be connected will become a connected device. In addition, many of the IoT devices that consumers use, whether at home or at the office, will become controlled by highly sophisticated artificial intelligence in 2019. Thanks to the latest cutting edge singular devices and sensors, many gadgets can locally integrate top-of-the-line machine learning capabilities.

For instance, many of the wireless speakers that launched in 2019 came equipped with AI software, and consumers can expect more such products to arrive on store shelves in the next few months.

IoT Multifunctionality and the Standardized Solutions

2019 will also usher in the shift towards more niche integrated solutions, whereby multifunctionality will take the form of increased connectivity as well as different sensors. For instance, some companies have begun manufacturing communication sensors that are not only wireless but also completely customized at the nano-chip level. These custom chips are also optimized in order to provide users with products that consume less power, are more compact, and are more cost-effective than their antiquated predecessors.

It should also be noted that most of the research and development in the aforementioned areas will mainly target products within the IoT realm in 2019.

Emphasis on Advanced Robotics Technology

According to some industry reports published in 2019, approximately fifteen million new jobs will be created in the next ten years in order to work on new robotics technology. Furthermore, while this will mean rapid advancements in the field of robotics, the increased focus on robotics ingenuity will also ensure that the robots of the future will not only be able to perform more intricate tasks than today’s robots but will also be smaller in stature.

In fact, R&D is already underway at some forward-thinking manufacturing laboratories in order to create swarm robots as well as robots that have the ability to self-learn. The next step, then, is to scale down these helper robots so that they can help humans with their projects, as well as perform tasks that humans cannot.

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