How To Design A Product That Connects with Customers

March 5, 2018

Product design has to come from the heart. If you think of the products you love, there’s a story behind it, right? Take the iPhone for example, it’s simple user experience makes it almost as easy for a toddler to use as it is for most adults.

To design a product that forms a undeniable connection with a customer, you need to reflect on what matters the most in how you want it to be seen/used, while measuring it’s feasibility in your target market -- based on research of your competition. To help you design a product that creates a meaningful with customers, here are some tips:


Before you start the product design phase, you need to do your homework. What need does your product fill? Is there anything else like it on the market? If there is, why is yours better?

Successful entrepreneurs create products out of basic necessity. For example, the steam engine was a huge leap for the early American economy with the ability to transport cargo over long distances at a fraction of the time it would take a stagecoach. Figure out if there’s a problem and then try to solve it with your product/service -- it’s ALMOST as simple as that.


Specifically, the colour of the packaging and product branding. The colour of the product should mean something to you but it should also make sense for what you’re making. For instance, green is associated with nature, black with sleekness, charcoal grey/silver with modern, white with purity, and red with passion. For example, if you’re designing a portable espresso maker, you probably wouldn't want it to be fire-engine red but black or grey. People respond to colours differently and seeing a bright yellow teapot might turn them off because it would attract unwanted attention.

User Experience

We need to feel connected to the products we use. Some products we’ve already been conditioned to connect with using our senses. A good example of this would be Vicks. We know that Vicks will make us feel better when we’re sick because we associate it with being taken care of, even the smell is soothing. You don’t necessarily have to create a product that takes care of your consumers but if you have a connection to it, make sure they can see its value.

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