How to Choose an Electronics Manufacturing Company

August 19, 2019

Deciding on which electronic manufacturing company to partner with can be a daunting task. From development and testing to manufacturing and integration, there are a myriad of services offered by the various electronic manufacturing companies.

Newbies may also have trouble knowing the difference between a great electronic manufacturing company and one that claims to be the best, but in reality, provides mediocre or even abysmal services.

Here, we have provided some essentials that you should look for before you decide on which electronic manufacturing company to work with this year, and perhaps for many years to come.

Experience Matters

The first thing that you should look for is a company that has an extensive background in electronics manufacturing and that has been a part of the industry for several years, if not decades. Companies that have been well established will value their reputation and will go beyond the call of duty to ensure that each and every board that they design and produce is of the utmost quality.

If you want to determine if a company’s work is premium quality, ask them how long they have been in business, as well as what their criteria are for hiring workers. If you are not satisfied with their answers, do not hesitate to take your business elsewhere. Mediocre electronics manufacturing enterprises are a dime a dozen, and your product deserves the best facilities and services that money can buy.

Certifications Matter

You should also determine the level of commitment to superb craftsmanship and design that the prospective manufacturer has before doing any business with them. One fairly easy way to do this is by looking for high-level certifications including ISO 9001, DD2345, and AS9100. We suggest that you look into their certifications because certifications serve as an objective source of accountability that will guarantee quality and help protect your business.

Certifications demonstrate that a company adheres to the modern protocols and standards in the electronics manufacturing industry. Certifications also instill confidence that the manufacturer will follow the industry's best practices as well as all the rules and regulations, to ensure optimal safety and quality. This will also positively impact or influence the durability, reliability, and quality of the services that they provide as well as the products that they make for clients such as yourself.

Design Capabilities Are Paramount

While the company that you partner with should, at the very least, provide quality electronic manufacturing services, you should also ensure that your outsourcer has ample design resources.

You may require that your project be designed from the ground up, or you may require that the current specs of your board or component is cutting edge, and simply require a thorough evaluation by an impartial and knowledgeable third party.

Regardless of what your needs are, the best electronic manufacturing companies will offer a wide array of services, including providing engineering expertise to ensure that your IP is impeccably designed and to optimize its performance.

State-of-the-Art Technology

The equipment, machinery, and tools that the prospective company uses to manufacture its products must also be top of the line if you want to get a competitive edge over your competitors. To be the best you need to hire the best, so it goes without saying that the company you are currently discussing your project with needs to have the absolute best resources and technology on the market.

Partnering with a company that only uses the latest technology means you can be certain that the products that they make for you are highly effective and reliable, and that your customers will be very satisfied and will likely purchase electronic components from you in the future.

Compliance is Essential

A big red flag that you should look for is whether or not the company you are in contract negotiations with adheres to the latest industry standards and protocols. If they fail to meet the current standards in the industry then you should cut ties with them as soon as possible, and start looking for a forward-thinking enterprise.

In fact, not only should they follow the latest regulations for electronics manufacturing and design but they must also be willing to adapt their services and production methods in order to meet your company’s unique production protocols.

Some specific industry compliance standards to look for in a viable electronic manufacturing company include NIST 800-171 and AS5553 for contraband component mitigation. These compliance standards will ensure that the company you partner with handles your project in a responsible and professional manner.

Eco-Friendly Values are Key

Finally, you should look into whether or not the company is environmentally conscious before making a final decision on who to work with. The best electronics manufacturing companies will always consider their carbon footprint before they fabricate various components for their clients.

An easy way to determine if they are environmentally responsible is to check to see if they are Restrictions of Hazardous Substances compliant. If they are, they should also be willing to help you modify your circuit board’s specific design so that it adheres to a Restrictions of Hazardous Substances plan. As an added benefit, not only will you be helping the ecosystem but working with an eco-friendly company will also serve as superb PR for your company’s reputation as well.

To learn more about choosing an electronics manufacturing company for your product, call Circuits Central at 1-888-821-7746 or contact us here.

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