The Importance Of Quality In Aerospace And Defense Technology

September 27, 2017

With over more than 400 aerospace firms in Canada, employing almost 80,000 professionals, the industry is one of the most prosperous in the country. Canadian firms are known for their quality products and cutting-edge technology that puts them in a competitive class with other countries that lead the way in aerospace and defense. The industry requires advanced technology that sacrifices nothing. Moreover, the quality of the technology used in the aerospace and defence industry is so important that there is rigorous testing and best practices involved that must be adhered to before a product can even make it past the manufacturing stage.

Quality assurance in the aerospace and defence industry

The aerospace and defence industry is what keeps us safe. This industry is why we are able to take planes to visit relatives across the country. It is how our military is able to train. It is how special metals and alloys are developed for protection in avionics. It is how we are able to use space robotics for communication satellites to observe the earth. We need quality assurance in this industry so that when a Canadian company creates a business aircraft or fighter jet, it is a top product. Without quality assurance to regulate the industry, any company could create helicopters and put them to market whether they were built using best practices or not. With certification systems in place, we know that when we take a helicopter ride that we are in a machine that is built up to the highest specifications and standards not just in the country, but in the world as well.

Transport Canada’s system for quality certification

As the governing body within the federal government that regulates services and transportation in the country, Transport Canada has developed a world-renowned aviation certification system. This system ensures that Canada’s aerospace technology and products are created to the highest standards in safety and reliability. By having this system in place, our aerospace and defence products are subject to thorough testing and quality control practices. Furthermore, Transport Canada’s certification system is recognized by other regulatory bodies across the world like the Federal Aviation Administration in the United States.

Additionally, without our aerospace and defence industry, Canada would have to rely on agriculture and oil alone to export to other countries. Our gross national product would not be stable, and we would not be a player in the global aerospace and defence market.

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