Latest Trends in Electronic Manufacturing Services

February 20, 2019

Electronics manufacturing is part of an industry that is rapidly evolving. As such, it will continue to face new trends, as well as new challenges, with each passing year. For many manufacturers, controlling costs is paramount in an increasingly competitive zeitgeist. Furthermore, as new technologies arrive on the market, new revenue making opportunities will also result. However, many companies will be required to join forces with technology solution enterprises in order to obtain capabilities that go beyond the company’s primary focus, objective, or field of expertise. Here, we discuss some of the latest trends to look for in electronic manufacturing services in 2019.

Increased Demand for Smart Devices

Smart devices have been in demand for the last four or five years, and that demand is only expected to increase in 2019. Everything from microwaves to automobiles are becoming smart-enabled, so manufacturers will feel added pressure to partner with technology providers that specialize in smart technology. The problem for many manufacturers is that connectivity isn’t a part of their core expertise. Hence, while the end goal is to get connected, scalable, and secure smart-enabled products into the hands of target consumers, doing so may prove difficult if providing such versatile technology is beyond their expertise.

As such, in order for manufacturers to survive, let alone thrive, they will need to continually evolve and adapt with changing times. However, nurturing a proactive and opportunistic mindset, as well as making the necessary operational changes, particularly at the C-Suite level, are of the utmost importance. Partnering with the right smart solution providers is also of the utmost importance, as the wrong alliance can lead to lost sales and reduced consumer confidence if expectations aren’t met.

More Eco-Friendly Product Development

In the past, going green seemed to be the focus of Gen-Xers, but with global warming issues continuing to escalate, the pressure to go green has never been as intense as it is today. As such, manufacturing products that are eco-friendly will be a definite trend to look for in 2019. The carbon trading plans and carbon cap plans that have been recently launched by multiple global organizations will only serve to push this green initiative even further, so manufacturers need to stay abreast of the recent changes to remain afloat.

One of the ways in which you can help your company get a competitive edge over its myriad competitors is to get your ISO certifications in place. Given the amount of research that is being generated in the field, you can create increased interest by being proactive and by demonstrating your company’s commitment to eco-friendly and future-forward manufacturing.

Push for Energy Efficient Manufacturing

Cutting the costs of manufacturing, as well as increasing the lifespan of electronic devices and components, will also be another trend to look for in 2019. A fairly simple way to reduce costs is to increase the energy efficiency of products during the manufacturing process. As mentioned, creating eco-friendly products is important, but the products also need to cost less, for both the manufacturer as well as the end-consumer.

To do so, reducing energy demands will lower costs on both the manufacturer’s and the consumer’s end, which will benefit all parties involved. As the population continues to increase, the demand for power will also continue to rise, so manufacturers need to adapt by focusing on energy conservation, and the only way to do so is to manufacture products that are more energy efficient than their predecessors.

Increase in Medical Device Technology Manufacturing

One of the interesting elements of the medical device manufacturing niche is that the majority of manufacturing is still expected to remain in North America, while the majority of other industry niches have shifted to overseas production in order to lower costs. In addition, the medical field has been known for being a pioneering field when it comes to technological innovations, as well as the early adoption of newfound technology. Moreover, the goal has always been to improve the quality of patient care, to expedite care delivery, and to enable patients to deal with many of their healthcare needs at home instead of at a hospital or clinic.

With rising rates of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer in Canada and the United States, expect the emphasis on quality healthcare to only increase in 2019. Also, one of the reasons why medical device technology manufacturing is expected to remain in Canada and the United States is because of the high-value-add processes involved in IC medical assembly. In other words, these industries need to remain in close proximity to their medical equipment manufacturers because of the high reliability and quality needed for the aforementioned medical device types. As such, growth in the medical device sector will continue to increase well into 2019.

As can be seen, there are many trends, as well as challenges, that manufacturers will have to deal with in 2019. With a plethora of competitors to deal with, as well as mounting pressure from many organizations and regulatory agencies, manufacturers will need to adapt rapidly in order to remain competitive in an industry that will only continue to evolve with time.

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