New Trends in Medical Equipment

October 9, 2019

With many medical issues on the rise, due in part to an ageing population, there has been added pressure on medical equipment manufacturers to up the ante to produce more advanced medical equipment for medical health practitioners and their patients. Today’s medical equipment manufacturers have produced products that make patient care more affordable and more efficient than the tools and resources used in the past. Below, are just some of the new trends in medical equipment that you should be aware of.

Changes in Radiology

People who are interested in a lucrative field should look no further than the field of radiology, as the demand for radiologists has never been higher than it is now. Today, due to the invasive nature of biopsies, many hospitals have opted for state of the art radiology equipment instead to help minimize patient anxiety and discomfort.

A recent trend in the medical field is the increased use of leading-edge radiology tools to detect and diagnose a wide array of anomalies. A recent apparatus was approved by the FDA that utilizes multispectral analysis of tissue morphology.

It is actually a handheld unit that was designed to revolutionize how biopsies for skin cancer are performed. However, please note that the tool should only be used by a radiologist who is certified and who has undergone extensive training on the proper use of the handheld device.

Advances in Digital Medical Imaging

For several years digital radiology has been seen as an antiquated concept, but it has enjoyed a resurgence of sorts as of late. This is primarily due to the fact that it is a polyvalent form of technology that is far more economical today than it was in the 90s and early 2000s. In fact, thanks to recent advances in the field of medical imaging, patients no longer need to leave their beds in order to receive treatment.

Instead, mobile X-ray apparatuses, as well as wireless X-ray units, allow for patients to rest in bed while the technician does all the work. As such, patient care and convenience are maximized while they receive the best digital medical imaging treatments in the industry to date.

Advances in Magnetic Particle Imaging

Magnetic particle imaging is a state of the art form of tech that utilizes superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles that are inserted into the patient via an injection. By doing so, the medical healthcare practitioner will be able to get a better view of the internal organs of the patient, as the nanoparticles are injected into the bloodstream.

As an added benefit, magnetic particle imaging allows for different vantage points and details that are simply not possible with conventional imaging technology. Magnetic particle imaging also does not use radiation, which reduces the risk of genetic mutations and cancer formation.

In fact, not only is magnetic particle imaging far safer than the use of radiation for diagnostic imaging purposes, but it is also less expensive as well. The high-quality images that are formulated are also delivered in rapid succession, which allows doctors to diagnose their patients quicker and easier without compromising accuracy in the process.

Superior View of the Veins

Infrared light is used by many doctors today to image erythrocytes far more clearly. Thanks to recent advances in medical technology, many doctors in modern hospitals and clinics have taken advantage to diagnose many blood-related disorders and conditions faster, as well as more accurately.

A top of the line video camera is utilized to capture multiple images and then project those images onto the skin of the patient. By doing so, the technician will be able to map the veins of the patient in a very safe and fast manner. The technology also allows for more blood to be extracted for donations, as it allows practitioners to find veins that may otherwise be nearly impossible to find. Children and those with cancer will also benefit from the advances in vein mapping technology.

What the Future Looks Like

The new technologies that we have discussed in this article are made possible thanks to the hard work and ingenuity of forward-thinking engineers in the medical field. They are constantly hard at work, trying to find new and innovative ways to improve the lives of patients as well as new ways to diagnose and treat multiple diseases and conditions. The end result is that medical technology will be more intuitive and user-friendly, as well as more accurate and manageable for all involved.

However, medical device manufacturers will need to invest thousands, if not millions of hours and dollars in fabricating leading-edge production systems and robust product designs so that they can keep up with the bevy of product breakthroughs that have recently launched or are on the cusp of launching onto the market.

Furthermore, the newfound medical breakthroughs must be able to handle steady change while also being robust and ensuring that the latest quality control protocols are adhered to. The medical devices that are launched in the future will also need to be consistent with the quality system requirements of many, if not all, global markets to maximize patient retention and satisfaction.

If you would like to learn more about the latest medical machinery trends, call Circuits Central at 888-821-7746 or contact us here.

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