Problems Faced in Medical Electronics Manufacturing

January 14, 2019

As the human population continues to increase and age, the demand for state-of-the-art medical devices and equipment will only increase with time. Furthermore, not only is the medical electronics industry a high-growth market, but it is also an industry where both the technological and corporate landscapes are quickly evolving. As such, there are many challenges and problems that the medical electronics manufacturing sector is currently facing. The purpose of this article is to address some of those challenges so that not only will businesses benefit, but the patients that they serve will also reap the rewards of their ingenuity.

Issues With Components

The increase in the usage of nano-materials has caused significant paradigm shifts in the industry. The same can be said of the introduction of new components into the industry, such as electronic substrates that are fully stretchable. Moreover, when it comes to materials research for multiple medical uses, there are two key areas that need to be addressed. The first area involves research into materials for electrodes.

These electrode components are designed to be used in neurostimulation devices, with demonstrations of elevated I/O count arrays that are manufactured via top-of-the-line silicon process technology, and electrode arrays of expanadale and polyvalent substrates. There are many different material amalgamations that need to be tried and tested so that patients can obtain superlative therapy. That is, many research trials will need to be performed to optimize human therapy because there are a vast array of neuro-stimulation targets in the human anatomy as far as therapeutic modalities are concerned.

The second key area that may cause problems in medical electronics manufacturing involves system modifications for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. In other words, these nanomaterials will need to be properly configured so that patients can be quickly and accurately diagnosed and receive the therapy that they need for their treatment and recovery. As research testing and medical trials continue to move forward, it is believed that many of these nanomaterials will usher in a revolution in healthcare technologies. For instance, research into read-out and programmable nanomaterials will need to be carefully implemented, with a recent example being Google’s research into nanobots for oncological purposes.

Managing Information Properly

Today’s electronic components in the medical field are becoming increasingly smarter, more connected, and smaller. However, with the recent technological advancements come newfound medical challenges in the medical electronics manufacturing industry. For instance, the manufacturing and deployment of IoT medical units, which are wholly connected, will require a more focused approach to the management, security, and analysis of health intel coming to and from the cloud, transmission units, and patient devices. Regarding the technical components of the units—such as the power resources for proper data encryption in implantables—the necessary security implications will need to be fully understood. Thereafter, the absolute best practices must be established and implemented to maximize patient care and safety.

Increasing Power Density

Currently, both the portable and implantable spaces are struggling to find newfound means to augment power density. The biggest challenge the industry is currently facing is figuring out how to reduce the size of medical equipment while simultaneously increasing the longevity of the medical device. For instance, many of the lead-free -1 cc pacemakers on the market today have batteries that can take up to three-quarters of the device’s total volume.

With so much space being used by the unit’s battery, many newer types of implantables lack the necessary space for other electronics to be deployed. As such, the functionality of such units will be hindered significantly, which may negatively impact the prognosis of a heart patient. Today, more research needs to be performed involving electrical, thermal, and mechanical charging, as well as energy scavenging.

A Symposium on Medical Electronics

With the medical electronics manufacturing industry constantly evolving, manufacturers are having difficulty in keeping pace with best practices and the latest medical technologies. As such, more medical electronics symposiums are needed that will focus on advancements in manufacturing and electronic technologies. Bioscience and medical applications, in particular, should be emphasised. These medical symposiums will allow service providers, entrepreneurs, and technologists to get together and share best practices, as well as learn about the most advanced processes and technologies in the industry. Synergy between the various manufacturers, dealers, and suppliers is needed in order to continue moving forward to help patients live healthier and more fulfilling lives.

Circuits Central

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