Six Electronic Trends To Watch Out For In 2018

January 3, 2018

New year, new tech. With 2018 upon us, technology continues to evolve, giving us cool gadgets that will make our lives easier. In the months to come, we’ll see these six electronic trends taking over.

  1. Wireless Charging

    Imagine charging your phone without plugging it in or resting it on a charging pad? Real wireless charging will debut at some point in 2018. By transmitting electricity via radio waves, we’ll soon be able to charge our phones without the use of USBs, docks and power chords.

  2. More Wearable Tech

    We already have our Fitbits and smart watches but now the health sector is going to benefit greatly from wearable tech. We’ll see diabetes monitors, heart monitors and other health devices come in the form of wearable tech.

  3. VR for Shopping

    Virtual reality isn’t a new invention, but 2018 will see it evolve into a shopping tool. More companies will employ VR technology to give customers a chance to ‘tour’ their retail stores and factories, and entice them to make more purchases. People will be more likely to make an online purchase if they can see the item through a VR lense.

  4. 5G

    Move over 4G because 5G is taking over! With higher wireless speeds and lower latency, 5G will result in fewer delays. Plus, 5G is fast. How fast? A download of a two-hour movie takes six minutes on 4G, whereas on 5G it takes as little as four seconds. Look for 5G to power everything from our phones to self-driving cars.

  5. Companion Robots

    Every year we are threatened by the rise of robots, yet we never see anything that evolves beyond a novelty. Dancing robots are fun, but what are we really getting out of them? We need our robots to do more than entertain us for a few minutes. Companion robots will make their debut in 2018. These robots will have personalities and be able to perform useful tasks. Companion robots will be especially helpful for those who are in their golden years and require a little extra help around the house. Moreover, these robots will be able to carry on conversations with their owners that go beyond “yes,” “no” and “may I help you.”

  6. Face Recognition

    The iPhone X already comes with face recognition software (Face ID) and we’ll soon see other devices following suit. For instance, smart vehicles and devices will eventually come with facial recognition capabilities so we can unlock doors and turn on gadgets with a simple scan of our faces.

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