Start-Up Developing Tech to Combat COVID-19? You Could Get Funding

May 4, 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses have temporarily closed, with many others working at minimum capacity. While certain businesses are stuck in a situation where nothing can be done, that should not discourage business development technology to combat COVID-19. Right now is a great opportunity to begin developing tech to combat COVID-19 with your business, primarily because of the abundance of government funding. Developing tech to combat COVID-19 can appear costly, requiring far too many resources that many small businesses can’t handle. This is not an issue, however, for any business getting COVID-19 funding.

Check the Relevant Programs

The first thing you should do is look into what kind of COVID-19 funding program you are eligible for. Recently, the European Commission has put out a call to all small businesses involved with technology to apply for the available funding. As the focus is currently on COVID-19, there will always be an opportunity for businesses to get the money needed to contribute to the cause. Based on the urgency of the pandemic, these programs have been created to make sure you can start your development as quickly as possible and with the best equipment and technology available.

Additionally, some of these programs may have a deadline. So, make sure you apply for all available and relevant COVID-19 funding; this will ensure that all resources are being put to best use, and the battle against the pandemic can end as quickly as possible.

Do Not Be Deterred by a Potential Recession

Given the current economic climate, many businesses may be resistant to attempt anything risky. Small businesses, in particular, are in a fragile state, and they may fear future repercussions if they start developing this kind of technology. The key in this situation is making sure your business focuses on where the funding is. By starting to develop technology to battle COVID-19, you will be helping yourself in the case of a recession. While things are difficult for certain businesses right now, any business that received COVID-19 funding will have the absolute best available resources. This funding is there to ensure that no company developing tech combating the pandemic will have to settle for anything less than the best technology and manufacturing equipment.

Rather than staying idle, your business will be in a better position to withstand any recession if you are active with the COVID-19 funding. Additionally, this funding will lead to many different innovations, putting businesses in a position that would otherwise be impossible. Economic decline is eliminating countless business opportunities across the globe. Right now, however, COVID-19 funding is an opportunity to not only help combat the pandemic but also to keep your business functioning and to explore new opportunities.

Unique Funding Opportunity

COVID-19 funding presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for any business. Businesses are under unprecedented circumstances, and different organizations are exploring technologies and opportunities that others would not have considered. With many things changing at a rapid pace, it may be difficult for any business to see COVID-19 funding as an opportunity with potential. That being said, it’s riskier to sit idle. By keeping your business active in developing technology to fight the pandemic, you will be receiving funding that would otherwise be impossible to get while having the chance to be a part of innovative technologies.

Additionally, this is a unique opportunity where the funding for your business and the technology you are developing is directly helping a truly unprecedented world crisis. Perhaps most importantly, this funding will put your business in a position to develop technologies that will be helping the world for generations.

Start Your Tech Development Today

Right now, COVID-19 funding is available to make sure you have top-of-the-line equipment and technology necessary to help fight the pandemic. By looking into what your business can handle, you can identify how it can become a part of the solution. Once you determine what kind of development you can help in, the COVID-19 funding will make sure you get the exact equipment needed to get started as quickly as possible.

In order to make sure all resources are being optimized, you must understand what manufacturing needs there will be for your business to begin the tech development. Call Circuits Central at 888-821-7746 and make sure you waste no time in starting your tech development. You can also reach us here for any additional information.

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