The Importance of PCBs in Modern Medicine

October 4, 2021
PCBs in modern medicine

The world of modern medicine is constantly changing. Thanks to innovations in medical equipment manufacturing, hospitals can now diagnose and treat conditions that previously were left undiagnosed or untreated.

One of the key players in this innovation is a printed circuit board, commonly referred to as a PCB. While a printed circuit board may not be very large, the impact it has is enormous. It’s an essential for many medical equipment manufacturers, as they rely on it to be the heart of their life-saving health equipment.

Here, we’re going to help you learn more about:

  • The purpose of a PCB
  • What types of medical equipment contain PCBs
  • What else you need to know about PCBs in medical equipment

At Circuits Central, we specialize in PCB production for medical equipment manufacturers. If you’re a medical equipment manufacturer looking for PCBs, we can help!

What is a printed circuit board?

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are a vital component of many different types of electronic equipment, particularly equipment that performs complex processes. PCBs are small pieces of board (usually made of a fibreglass-type material) that help replace bulky wiring and make medical equipment more efficient.

The primary purpose of a PCB is to make connections between all the electronic components of a medical device in a very small space. For medical equipment manufacturers, incorporating PCBs into their products enables them to decrease the size of their equipment, while at the same time increasing their efficiency.

The best choice of PCB for smaller medical devices is generally a high-density interconnected PCB, as it is capable of containing more connections in a smaller surface area and, therefore, requires a smaller board. A rigid-flex PCB (a combination of hardboard and flexible circuits) is an excellent choice for medical devices that are not typical shapes and sizes.

What types of medical equipment use PCBs?

PCBs are used in a wide variety of medical equipment, making them very popular with medical equipment manufacturers.

These are some of the most common types of medical equipment that use PCBs:

  • Implantable medical devices, such as cochlear implants that help the hearing impaired. Another example is implanted defibrillators that are life-saving for people at elevated risk for cardiac issues.
  • Medical imaging and diagnostic devices are vital players in modern healthcare. Some examples of these are MRIs (Magnetic Resonance Imaging), CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) scans, and ultrasound equipment. Whether a patient is having a baby or needs to get checked for a tumour, these kinds of devices make a world of difference in their care.
  • Monitoring devices, including blood glucose monitors and blood pressure monitors.
  • Several other types of medical equipment, including heart monitors, electrical muscle stimulation equipment, EMG activity systems, and infusion fluid controls.

Since such a wide variety of medical equipment use PCBs, it’s very important that medical equipment manufacturers make sure they buy their PCBs from a reliable and trustworthy supplier. Medical equipment manufacturers must be able to depend on the quality and reliability of their PCBs.

What else do I need to know about PCBs in medical equipment?

So far, you’ve learned what a printed circuit board (PCB) is and what types of medical equipment use them. Here’s some more information that medical equipment manufacturers should know about PCBs:

  • PCBs used in medical devices are created specifically to be used only in medical instrumentation.

  • PCBs are designed so that they will work in both lab and care settings, and are thoroughly tested.
  • The market for PCBs will continue to expand as new medical equipment is created and current medical inventories are upgraded.
  • PCBs must meet regulations specified by the government of the country they are used in (for example, they must be FDA-compliant to be used in the United States).
  • When looking for a supplier for PCBs, medical equipment manufacturers should search for a company that produces large quantities of PCBs while still ensuring they are well-made.
  • Medical equipment manufacturers should also look for a supplier that can customize their PCBs.

How can Circuits Central help me with PCBs if I’m a medical equipment manufacturer?

As a medical equipment manufacturer, you need to know that you can rely on your suppliers to provide you with compliant, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

At Circuits Central, we are proud to work with very prominent medical device designers and innovators. We understand that not only do medical equipment manufacturers need to be concerned about things like reducing costs and expediting time to market, but they also need to ensure that all of their medical devices are manufactured with patient safety in mind.

That’s why we work closely with all of our medical manufacturing partners to make certain that we can support you in confirming that all your products and procedures adhere to any required certifications or industry testing.

At Circuits Central, we specialize in PCB manufacturing for medical equipment. We are proud to provide a key component of modern life-saving equipment that relies on electronics. You can count on us for fully reliable production of PCBs.

Our medical sector experience includes:

  • Medical imaging equipment
  • Chemical analysis equipment
  • Healthcare equipment
  • Communication and monitoring devices
  • Laboratory research equipment

We partner with medical equipment manufacturers to help them continually innovate and keep up with demands for new and improved medical equipment.

PCBs Will Pave the Way to the Future for Medical Equipment Manufacturers

Now you know more about:

  • Why PCBs are vital to medical equipment manufacturers
  • What types of medical equipment use PCBs
  • Why medical equipment manufacturers need to select their PCB suppliers carefully.

At Circuits Central, we have experience working with a large variety of manufacturers who enjoy the benefits of our expertise in manufacturing PCBs for medical equipment. We have a wide variety of medical sector experience, including manufacturing PCBs for equipment that is used to diagnose, monitor, and treat medical conditions.

We’d love to partner with you! You can reach a member of our knowledgeable team at 1 (888) 821-7746 or contact us online.

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