Things to Keep in Mind Before Consulting an Electronic Manufacturing Service Company

November 1, 2018

There comes a time for business owners to reassess the overall efficiency and cost of the entire business operation. This normally happens annually and it is especially important for businesses that rely on electronics for daily functionalities. Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) is a term used for companies that design, manufacture, test, distribute, and provide return/repair services for a wide range of electronic equipment. You may have heard these types of services being referred to as electronics contract manufacturing (ECM). In simpler terms, it’s the service you would turn to if you were experiencing any issues or needed an upgrade for your current electronic system.

Often, businesses do have their own internal designers or engineers who can test the efficiency of a business’ existing PC boards. So why consider bringing in an electronic manufacturing service which works outside of the business? The idea is simple: you do so for a fresh new perspective on things. It is possible that, over time, repetitive work can actually hinder someone’s ability to see certain issues or inefficiencies that may be in the way of a more productive worksite. If a business is seeking new ways to improve their overall efficiency and perhaps look for new ways technology can help automate or streamline their processes, then an external service company might be what is needed. Electronic manufacturing service individuals are highly knowledgeable, qualified, and experienced. They also undergo ongoing training to stay current with new developments in technology.
Here are some things to consider before consulting with an electronic manufacturing service company:

Are there areas of production that can be streamlined?

Technology is constantly evolving and as that happens, so should your business. A highly efficient production process is key to a fast-growing business. The best investment a growing business can make is on advanced machinery and working with an electronics manufacturing service which can help improve electronic systems that are specifically designed to streamline processes, reduce costs, and increase productivity.

Ability to expand and grow your customer base

A business thrives off its customer base. As a business, the goal is to always keep that customer base growing. Your ability to keep up with demand and continue to produce a quality product your customers are highly satisfied with is the challenge as your business continues to grow. Taking on an electronic manufacturing service can help to alleviate the entire manufacturing workload, and ensure high-quality products are being developed within expected timeframes.

Establishing connections with the industry’s leading suppliers

Working with an electronic manufacturing service can open doors to establishing connections with the industry’s leading suppliers. As a new business in the industry, you may have come to realize through various experiences that finding a notable and trustworthy supplier is extremely difficult. If you work with an established electronic manufacturing service, they come with years of experience and can connect you directly to the most reliable suppliers available. Many businesses who work with electronic manufacturing services save time and money on trial and error, as well as by getting reduced pricing on parts.

Getting driven solutions

An electronic manufacturing service can provide driven solutions for the pre-manufacturing process, during manufacturing, and post-manufacturing. Here are some manufacturing solutions you may be seeking for your business:


  • Rapid prototyping
  • Circuit board schematics and layout design
  • Proof of concept
  • Design for manufacturability (DFM)
  • Design for assembly (DFA)
  • Design for interconnection and packaging
  • Design for test (DFT)
  • Prototype manufacturing


  • Materials management and component purchasing
  • Rigid and flexible electronic assembly
  • Complete range of component assembly
  • Lead-free processing
  • Conformal coating
  • Test development
  • Environmental stress test (EST)
  • Functional, ICT, and boundary scan testing
  • System integration
  • Packaging and customized documentation


  • Upgrade
  • Repair services
  • BGA rework and re-balling

The most common service businesses need, whether they are a new or an existing business, is upgrading or repairing their current operations. In technology, there is always the opportunity to continue to improve and develop new processes that create a more efficient and reliable system. Most businesses aren’t even aware that their equipment has become outdated and maybe actually costing them more in supplies and warranties. Fortunately, there’s no better time to partner with electronic contract manufacturers who are experts in the industry and who can bring your business up to speed. One of the main benefits of partnering is the limitless connections it can bring to your business. You’ll have the peace of mind of knowing the connections you build are reliable and the best in the business.

If you’re looking for innovative electronics manufacturing solutions for your business, contact Circuit Central in Markham by calling 1 (888) 602-7264 or, if you have any comments or questions, feel free to fill out a contact form.

Our engineering and design services span many industries, from commercial to industrial, medical, communication, and consumer, as well as aerospace and defence. We are your one-stop shop when it comes to product design. However, our services do not end with design. We also offer first-rate electronic prototyping and small-batch manufacturing. Our certified engineers have skills and expertise in the area of circuit board design, electronic circuit design, and other custom solutions, all at cost-effective rates. Our clients choose us because they trust us to deliver a final product that others can’t: cutting-edge and reliable design. Find out more today!

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