Why You Should Have an EMS Partner

September 24, 2020

Due to the increasingly competitive manufacturing industry, many EMS (electronic manufacturing service) brands and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) have formed sound strategic partnerships to remain viable and competitive. Moreover, consumer trends are in a state of perpetual flux. The demand to expedite, improve, and innovate each process in the industry to improve versatility, reliability, and quality has never been greater.

As such, most OEMs can benefit greatly by outsourcing their design development to their EMS partner or partners. For example, a reputable EMS will be able to provide an OEM with designs for manufacturing services, which consist of reviewing your design and suggesting modifications or alterations that may help in the production process.

The result is that efficiency and effectiveness will be boosted. Here at Circuits Central, our focus will be on electronic manufacturing services in Toronto, and how they can be aided by partnering with a reliable EMS partner.

They Provide Unrivalled Experience and Knowledge in Supply Chain Mechanics

A reputable EMS provider will have a great deal of knowledge that you can use when it comes to the world of supply chain management. As such, if you come across any supply management problems, you can relay your data to your EMS partner, and they should be able to concoct a practical solution for you.

Furthermore, if your EMS partner has global contacts, they can help you improve your logistics processes. They can even help you acquire all of the components that you need in a timely and efficient manner.

Reduced Costs

The products you manufacture and design will need to yield a profit for your company to stay afloat. As such, you will need to find creative ways to reduce your manufacturing and design expenditures, while also selling your products at a high markup.

Fortunately, you can use your EMS partner’s wealth of knowledge and expertise to learn new methods that can help boost your manufacturing processes' cost-effectiveness.

For instance, your EMS partner can go over your design schematics and suggest modifications that will involve fewer required parts. They may also make suggestions that can reduce the amount of time and effort expended and may even help you find the required components at a lower price.

In the end, quality matters. If you are fortunate enough to work with a reputable EMS partner that will go above and beyond the call of duty, you can rest assured that they will consider every part of your product.

Driving Innovation Forward

Innovation is the bread and butter of virtually every enterprise, and the OEM industry is no exception. Thus, you will need to up the ante to deliver more reliable, efficient, cost-effective, and smart products.

Fortunately, an EMS partner who is ahead of the curve will stay proactive, allowing you to gain the forward-thinking knowledge required to provide innovative products for your discerning customers.

That is, they will help you design products that meet the latest requirements and trends. They may also help you stay a few steps ahead of your fiercest competitors, giving you the competitive edge that you need to become a market leader.

In sum, two companies working together with the same ultimate goal in mind is better than trying to achieve success solo. Working with an EMS partner who has your best interests at heart will help your company drive innovation forward for years to come.

Accelerate Delivery Times

One of the worst things that can happen to an OEM is a delay in product delivery. Another worst-case scenario is unnecessarily prolonged or delayed lead times. Such issues can damage your company’s reputation and the loyalty of your customers, but they will inevitably lead to lowered profit margins.

However, partnering with a reliable EMS partner can help mitigate such issues, and they may even be able to get rid of them as they develop.

For example, your EMS provider can tweak your PCB (printed circuit board) design, or even redesign it all together to reduce the assembly time for your items significantly. Besides, you will be able to drastically cut down on your lead time, as they may suggest a superior alternative component. Or, they may help simplify the design of your product without compromising its quality in the process.

Augment Reliability and Quality

While client expectations and requirements may change or shift with the zeitgeist, the constant that has survived the test of time is the need for reliable and high-quality products.

Therefore, your process will need to be optimized on a routine basis to ensure that your company will continue to create state-of-the-art products that will adhere to the high standards that your customers demand.

Fortunately, producing high-quality and reliable products will benefit both you and your EMS partner, so they will work around the clock to ensure that your products' design is optimized to meet the high standards of your clients.

In other words, they will make the necessary suggestions to ensure that the quality and reliability of the products that you sell are superlative.

Remember, all it takes in this unforgiving industry is a faulty line of products or a single faulty component to destroy a brand’s reputation. So, being smart and prudent and working with an equally smart and dedicated EMS partner can help avoid them from going forward.

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