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Hooman Javdan

Hooman attended University of Toronto for electrical engineering, and received his bachelor of commerce from Ryerson in Information Technology. For over 10 years, Hooman has been a leader in electronic manufacturing services helping clients from with various assemblies of PCBs and prototype designs.

Circuit Board Design for the IoT: Top Challenges of Today

September 17, 2018

Today, as is happening throughout the field of

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DC Hipot Testing: Quality Control is Key

September 3, 2018

For electrical maintenance managers and employees, electrical safety is the main goal. DC hipot testing is a key step in quality control to be...

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5 Ways Intelligent Solutions Benefit Every Manufacturer

August 13, 2018

IoT manufacturing solutions are transforming the ways in which products are made. These smart devices are taking...

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How to Apply Security Best Practices to IoT Firmware Development

August 6, 2018

The Internet of Things is changing every aspect of our lives. From our homes and offices to busy urban streets,...

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Impacts of Tariffs Against China for Electronics Manufacturers

July 9, 2018

The trade war was triggered when Trump unilaterally announced 25% tariffs on steel imports and 10% tariffs on...

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Conformal Coating and Thermal Shock Resistance

July 2, 2018

Conformal Coatings When electronics have to withstand harsh environments and impact, protection is...

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PCB CAD Design for Manufacturing Guidelines: Trace Routing and Solder Joints

June 14, 2018

When a printed circuit board is manufactured, it's important that all the parts are executed perfectly. If even one part of the design is flawed,...

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How to prevent suspect components from entering your supply chain

June 5, 2018

A supply chain is reliant on stability and quality. If anything threatens either of these facets, providers will have a difficult time ensuring...

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What to Look for in Your Prototype PCB Manufacturer

May 15, 2018

The practicality of prototyping before anything goes to the actual market can speak volumes for the acuity of a company. Whether or not the...

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How To Improve Your Performance for Large Assembly Design

May 3, 2018

In most cases, defining large assemblies tends to be a difficult task, since it can include 100 parts, 1,000 parts or even 10,000 parts and...

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